How does database work?

The database yields two independently working platforms, i.e., FOSSIL and RECENT, and provides an evaluation template with formulas to calculate relevant component percentages. The FOSSIL platform includes fossil IPR-vegetation analysis datasets that cover the stratigraphical interval from Eocene to Pliocene. The RECENT platform includes modern taxa to assemble comparative IPR-vegetation datasets for living vegetation. So far in the latter, taxa from China and Japan are included (scored for the studies of Teodoridis et al. (in press). Both platforms show the same inner structure and working style to optimise user-friendliness. The databases can be searched in two different ways. The first is a “quick search” displayed on the website top. After entering the first letter, an alphabetical offering list of all taxa and/or sites (in Plants Bookmark or Sites Bookmark) starting with this letter appears for selection. Clicking on the selected name of a taxon will display all the scorings at the different sites (see "Plant screen" scheme). Note that the scores may differ between the sites (see here). Clicking on the selected site name will upload the complete IPR-vegetation analysis result (see "Site screen" scheme). The second way to search within the database is to use the switch “list of plants/list of sites” located on the right side of the “quick search” box. Clicking on this switch, a list of taxa/sites already included in the database will appear in alphabetical or geographical (by country) order. Similar to the quick search, after the selection of a taxon and/or site, additional relevant datasets will be shown. The button “Clear all” clears the “quick search” box for the next attempt. Additional information containing detailed taxonomical and physiognomical description and autecology of taxa derived from free websites is linked to relevant living taxa and is available within the RECENT platform.

Other practical features of the internet platform/databaseare its immediate ability to change classification parameters or to directly edit synonyms, typographical errors and taxa scoring within uploaded IPR-vegetation analysis datasets. To keep the database operational, the mentioned inputs are possible only under an authorized database access.