How to input given IPR-vegetation analysis datasets into the DATABASE?

The process of data input is explained here in several steps:
(1) Download the scorelist template.
(2) Fill all mandatory items in the heading of the score list (marked by *). Additional information, such as province/state and remarks quoted, are warmly welcome. Note that suffixes behind the locality names, i.e. “-P”, “-L”, “-F”, “-X” represent pollen, leaf, and carpological or xylotomic datasets, respectively. A locality name without a suffix denotes a fossil record of leaves, seeds and fruits, and pollen.
(3) Add the taxa and respective scorings into the template and save the data in the standard MS Excel format (*.xls,*. xlsx).
(4) Send the file/files to the administrator of the website (Vasilis Teodoridis) and your datasets will appear within the IPR-vegetation analysis internet platform in a timely manner.