Technical background

Raw datasets (taxa scorings) are inputted by the user into a locked “score list template” and saved as a MS Excel sheet. Mandatory fields (marked by *) include taxa scores, geographical information (country, locality/site), stratigraphy and references quoted, e.g., original floristic studies, etc. The mandatory items are important for further “internal” database processes (there are criteria for “internal” classification of the studied objects). A completed score list template is handled by a Visual Basic macro, which saves the file as a CSV file (a common database-friendly format). The macro handler also adjusts the input datasets into a proper format, removing invalid and obvious typological symbols). Afterwards, the CSV file is handled by a PHP import script, which imports it into the final MySQL database. The database application is powered by a combination of PHP (scripting language) and MySQL (relational database management system). It also uses the jQuery technology (a JavaScript library), as well as styling by CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) and processing queries by AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML). Thanks to those technologies, the “online database” page does not need to be reloaded every time a query is processed.